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Allen R. Freedman, Director
Allen R. Freedman has served on the Board of Directors of our general partner since our formation in April 2004, and had served as a director of Cornerstone since October 2000 through April 2004. Mr. Freedman is a graduate of Tufts University and the University of Virginia School of Law. Mr. Freedman retired in July 2000 from his position as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fortis, Inc., a specialty insurance company that he started in 1979. He continued to serve on the board of Assurant, Inc. (successor to Fortis, Inc.) until May of 2011. He was previously Chairman of the Board of Systems & Computer Technology Corporation until 2004 and Indus, Inc. until 2007. He retired as a trustee of the Eaton Vance Mutual Funds Group in 2014, where he served on the Governance and Portfolio Management Committees. Mr. Freedman has served on the board of a number of charitable organizations including the Philadelphia Orchestra and the United Way of New York. He currently serves on the board of Opera America, the service organization for over 100 opera companies in the United States, Canada and Europe. He is also a founding director of the Association of Audit Committee Members, Inc. Mr. Freedman brings to the Board of Directors of our general partner extensive financial and operational experience, knowledge of audit practices, and investment and risk management expertise, as well as leadership skills and strategic advice.